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Born from a heritage in radio and a passion for all things audio, Reel2Media helps brands build strong audience connections using the power of sound. 

Advancements in smart speaker technology and personalized audio experiences are revolutionizing the sonic landscape. At Reel2Media we put you at the forefront of this revolution, creating innovative and interactive audio experiences, designed to engage audiences with entertaining and absorbing content that addresses and solves interesting problems. 

Powered by ReelWorld – a global leader in jingles and audio branding with over 25 years’ experience working with the world’s biggest radio stations – Reel2Media combines rich storytelling, music, melodies and high production values with the latest audio and smart speaker technology, to create content that adds value. Content people want to listen to, and crucially, content that connects brands with their audiences.

what we do

smart speaker

Designed specifically for this new and growing technology, our innovative and interactive audio experiences are designed to engage audiences with entertaining and absorbing content that addresses and solves interesting problems.

podcasts &
on demand audio

From ideation to delivery, we create targeted podcasts that allow brands to build loyalty and strong connections with specific audiences, whether by our own original creations or your custom project. 

sonic branding &
original music

As smart speaker skills and podcasts continue to grow, brand sound is now as important as any visual logo. From bespoke music compositions through to audio mnemonics, we can help you bring your brand to life with sound.

who we are


We’re hiring! Director of Business Development

Reel2Media is an award-winning creative audio content company specialising in smart speaker experiences, podcasts and sonic branding. We’re looking for someone to join us to lead the commercial side of our activities. Someone who can identify and grow strong relationships with brands, agencies, and platforms in the US and UK to create value around our…

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We’re hiring! Reel2Media Creative Technologist

Reel2Media is an award winning creative audio content company specialising in smart speaker experiences, podcasts, and sonic branding.  We are looking for a results-oriented creative technologist to join our team and help bring our ideas to fruition. You will be consulting with internal teams to design creative technical solutions that address our needs, developing enhanced…

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Reel2Media take home top honors in the Hermes Creative Awards

Seattle, WA, April 23rd 2021 Reel2Media have today been recognized for their creative work in the world of Amazon Alexa Skills, receiving top honors at the Hermes Creative Awards – one of the oldest and largest creative competitions in the world. Recognizing outstanding work among creative professionals across the fields of conceptualization, writing, design, and…

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New Alexa Skill helps banish monsters from kids bedrooms

February 11th, 2021 Seattle WA Reel2Media is tackling teraphobia (aka fear of monsters!) with a new Amazon Alexa Skill – ‘Monster Guard’, offering a fun way to help parents get anxious children to sleep. Monster Guard ‘scans’ kids bedrooms for scary creatures before activating a ‘sonic forcefield’ to keep them away. More than just a…

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