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At Reel2Media we’re so much more than an audio production company. We’re a team of storytellers, solutionists and strategists, risk takers, innovators and melody makers. At Reel2Media we give brands a voice. We bring brands to life through the power of sound.


We conceptualize, develop and deliver high quality immersive podcasts that enable brands to connect with their audience.

Sonic Branding and Original Music

From custom music to unique audio mnemonics, we help companies develop a sonic identity as powerful and memorable as their visual branding.

Smart Speaker Skills

Combining rich storytelling with original music and voices, our interactive audio experiences deliver entertaining and absorbing content that engages listeners and solves interesting problems.

We created over 50 unique musical themes, anchored to a memorable two-note logo, unifying the global Bloomberg Television, Radio and Digital platforms under a single sonic identity.

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