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We love all things audio, so much so we built an entire business around it. But we are so much more than just an audio production company. We’re a team of storytellers, solutionists and strategists, risk takers, innovators and melody makers. We give brands a voice and bring them to life through the power of sound.

Sonic Branding and Original Music

From custom music to unique audio mnemonics, we make brands sound as powerful and as memorable as their visual logos look. How do we do it? Ask us! We’d love to tell you more.


From exploring holistic practices on Bali’s beaches to fly-on-the-wall dating or exploring the link between fitness and leadership, we create, develop and deliver podcasts rich in sounds and stories that immerse audiences in the audio experience.

Interactive Audio Experiences

 Whether we’re scanning kids’ bedrooms for monsters, creating conversations with a talking Yak, or providing a direct line to ‘listen in’ on Santa’s workshop, we LOVE getting creative with interactive audio!

We created over 50 unique musical themes, anchored to a memorable two-note logo, unifying the global Bloomberg Television, Radio and Digital platforms under a single sonic identity.

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Recent Work

Reel2Media and sister company ReelWorld provide sonic identities for radio, media and entertainment brands around the world. Listen to some of our recent work.

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