Award-winning audio production company ‘Reel2Media’ have today released their latest Amazon Alexa Skill ‘North Pole Plus’ designed to bring joy to girls and boys (and even their parents) this festive season.

Last Christmas, ‘North Pole Live’ allowed users to listen in on Santa’s workshop, bringing the magic of Christmas direct to living rooms across North America. Now, its creators are taking things to another level with ‘North Pole Plus’ – a bundle of SIX Santa-themed Amazon Alexa skills that capture the magic of Christmas in one festive interactive audio package.

From tracking letters to Santa to singing down the sleeps till Christmas or listening to the radio station of choice for Santa and his elves, North Pole Plus provides parents with FREE content to entertain and occupy their children throughout December, providing experiences that will enhance a family’s overall Christmas experience. 

The six ‘North Pole Plus’ skills are:

Ho Ho Radio

The heart of North Pole Plus and the station of choice for Santa and his elves. Ho Ho Radio broadcasts live from, the North Pole, delivering news, weather, Christmas music, and even ‘commercials.’

Sleeps Till Santa

An audio advent calendar in the form of a catchy song that changes every day

North Pole Live

Listen live to what Santa and his elves are getting up to, via a hidden microphone inside Santa’s workshop.

North Pole News

Elf-voiced news and weather updates delivered live from the North Pole. 

Remember The Reindeer

A fun and easy-to-play memory game that will have young kids coming back day after day.

Where’s My Letter?

Even kid’s letters to Santa have gone hi-tech! Letters can now be tracked every step of the way with the help of Santa’s mailroom workers.

North Pole Plus has been created by award-winning audio production company Reel2Media. Talking about the decision to expand their original North Pole Live offering into ‘North Pole Plus’ Reel2Media Co-Founder Anthony Gay said: “When we were creating ‘North Pole Live’ last year we immediately recognized and were excited by the creative opportunities for expansion. It was very much something we knew we wanted to explore this year, and the success of ‘North Pole Live’ only confirmed to us that this was something we should pursue. We couldn’t be happier with the end result. North Pole Plus combines tradition and nostalgia with cutting-edge interactivity and true theatre of the mind that will leave children and adults alike feeling warm and fuzzy this festive season. We hope that it will become part of many pre-Christmas routines, helping build excitement and anticipation as the big day draws closer.”

North Pole Plus is completely FREE to use and now available from the Alexa Skills store, or just say “Alexa, open North Pole Plus” to get started. Merry Christmas!