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Reel2Media + Bloomberg

Drawing on 25+ years of experience branding the world’s most influential radio stations, we developed a new sonic brand identity for the global leader in financial news and information.

Project Overview

50+ unique themes, anchored to a memorable two-note logo, unifying the global Bloomberg Television/Radio/Digital platforms under a single sonic identity.



Two simple musical notes. One unmistakable audio signature. Global brand recognition.



From the main identity, to the characteristics of each show, every piece of music was created with a powerful purpose.



Each musical theme breaks out into an entire suite of sonic workparts and brand components for maximum usability.



Covering everything from financial news and market-moving analysis, to lifestyle, sports, specialty programming and podcasts.

A comprehensive suite of musical themes and visual brand identity workparts for the world’s largest newsroom.

Created to complement Bloomberg’s influential roster of shows, expert anchors and editors, and unify all programming under a single sonic identity.

A radio-specific suite of musical themes and workparts for the world’s only 24/7 business radio network.

From benchmarks including Top of Hour, Traffic, Weather and Sports, to important Business Flash updates and urgent Breaking News, all eventualities are covered.

On Air. Everywhere.

Seen in 433 million global television households. Heard by 1.6 million U.S. radio listeners. Featured in over 2.53 million podcast streams/downloads. And viewed by 17.4 million digital visitors every month.

All Bloomberg platforms are now united under a single sonic brand.

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