In episode 2 of Finding Feel Good, Jade experiences the ancient ritual of Women’s Circles with Bryre Roots and discusses the power of women helping women regardless of culture with Brita Fernandez Schmidt.

Meet This Episode’s Guests

Brita Fernandez Schmidt

Ambassador and former Executive Director of Women for Women International and author of Fears to Fierce: A Woman’s Guide to Owning Her Power.

Bryre Roots

Running Women’s Circles at Maja Healing and using a holistic approach to self-healing, Bryre is committed to bringing a feminine form medicine to those who are eager to absorb ancient self-healing and self-empowerment tools and techniques. Giving women the power to jump back to a state of health, love, joy, gratitude and inspiration at any given moment. 

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Finding Feel Good takes an in-depth look at Eastern alternative therapies to see how we might use some of the Balinese techniques, habits and rituals in our daily wellness routines to help get us closer to the person we want to be.

Hosted by Jade English, a semi-finalist on BBC TV’s ‘The Apprentice’ turned holistic happiness hunter. Jade’s mission is to bring the benefits of holistic practices to the masses, showing us you don’t have to live a bohemian lifestyle to embrace your spiritual side.

Recorded in the spiritual mecca of Bali, each episode sees Jade experience a different Eastern therapy to determine whether there is merit in the method and how we might incorporate it into our Western lives. 

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