In Episode 4 of Finding Feel Good, Jade has a Life Coaching session with Jord Cuiper in Bali – and meets life-coach-turned-spiritual-teacher Angelika Alana to talk about transforming our lives and building self-esteem via personal development.

Meet this week’s guests: 

Jord Cuiper

Specialist in self-actualization and executive coaching. He ran his own successful start-up after playing top sport, but reached burnout and starting looking for another way to be content. He now works from Bali to help people reach the next level in life, business or their relationship.

Angelika Alana

Personal development coach and spiritual teacher who helps women transform their lives with visualization, learning about intimacy, yoga, meditation, spiritual tune-ups and personal development. She has traveled all over the world studying different healing modalities and dedicated her life to sharing them.

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Finding Feel Good takes an in-depth look at Eastern alternative therapies to see how we might use some of the Balinese techniques, habits and rituals in our daily wellness routines to help get us closer to the person we want to be.

Hosted by Jade English, a semi-finalist on BBC TV’s ‘The Apprentice’ turned holistic happiness hunter. Jade’s mission is to bring the benefits of holistic practices to the masses, showing us you don’t have to live a bohemian lifestyle to embrace your spiritual side.

Recorded in the spiritual mecca of Bali, each episode sees Jade experience a different Eastern therapy to determine whether there is merit in the method and how we might incorporate it into our Western lives. 

Produced by Reel2Media and Pineapple Audio Production.