In Episode 7, Jade relaxes at a sound bath at the Pyramids of Chi in the hills outside Ubud, run by Peter and Lynne McIntosh. And she speaks to best-selling author and sound bath expert Jasmine Hemsley about what sound healing actually is – and how we can bring it into our daily lives.

Meet this week’s guests: 

Jasmine Hemsley: A three-time best-selling author, founder of ‘Hemsley and Hemsley’ and ‘East by West’, a TV presenter, chef and wellness expert. She’s listed in the UK’s top 20 chefs and her latest book won the Women’s Health Wellbeing Book of the Year award. Pre-Covid, she took her soothing sound baths around London as an antidote to the hectic pace of inner-city life. More recently, she’s hosted weekday sound baths on Instagram live, and become a mainstay in many people’s lockdown lives. She’s also created downloadable sound baths for people to enjoy in their own time.

Peter and Lynne McIntosh: The founders, developers and operators of the Pyramids of Chi – two huge pyramids in the magical area of Ubud. They offer sound healing, light therapy, cacao ceremonies, breath and voice workshops, yoga and more – and are also trained gong masters.

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Finding Feel Good takes an in-depth look at Eastern alternative therapies to see how we might use some of the Balinese techniques, habits and rituals in our daily wellness routines to help get us closer to the person we want to be.Hosted by Jade English, a semi-finalist on BBC TV’s ‘The Apprentice’ turned holistic happiness hunter. Jade’s mission is to bring the benefits of holistic practices to the masses, showing us you don’t have to live a bohemian lifestyle to embrace your spiritual side.Recorded in the spiritual mecca of Bali, each episode sees Jade experience a different Eastern therapy to determine whether there is merit in the method and how we might incorporate it into our Western lives. Produced by Reel2Media and Pineapple Audio Production.