Former BBC One Apprentice star, Jade English, launches Finding Feel Good, a 10-part podcast series that explores the world of alternative therapies, in a bid to help anyone looking for a different way to improve their wellbeing in life’s ‘new normal’.

From Tantra, to Breathwork, the Wim Hof Method to Sound Healing and more, Jade travels to the spiritual mecca of Bali, to experience a variety of alternative practices to find out what they involve and how they might benefit us in our daily lives.

With celebrity experts including the likes of Jasmine Hemsley, The Breath Guy, and Michaela Boehm who was Will Smith’s sex coach, this series comes at a perfect time as people re-emerge from lockdown in search of new ways to help them find their feel good.

Jade first became fascinated with alternative therapies after a stint on BBC One TV show The Apprentice caused her to realise that becoming the next business mogul was not necessarily where she would find happiness.

In search of answers and a new definition of happiness, Jade booked a one-way ticket to Bali and embarked on a journey of self-discovery, trying some of The World’s most weird and wonderful alternative therapies in search of what would make her feel good.

Jade English said: “The Apprentice was such an amazing opportunity that catapulted me into situations I’d never been in before. Suddenly I was surrounded by groups of ‘successful’ people that I aspired to be like, yet to my surprise, they still seemed discontent and searching for something. I could see I was on the same path and I needed to redefine what happiness meant to me – that’s where ‘Finding Feel Good’ was born.”

The new series which will be released August 30th on all major podcast platforms is the first podcast release from Reel2Media, sister company to ReelWorld Productions, and was produced in collaboration with Pineapple Audio Productions. CEO of Reel2Media, Anthony Gay said: “I think the theme of Finding Feel Good will resonate with so many people, especially at a time when a lot of us are re-evaluating what’s important in our lives. Jade is a natural host and she’s informative and insightful whilst being fun, honest and raw at the same time.”

The first two episodes of Finding Feel Good drop on Tuesday 31st August and are available wherever you get your podcasts.

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