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Sometimes it’s a strategically placed clap of thunder, a subtle keyboard click or even knowing how to use absolutely no sound at all.

The Power of Sound can be harnessed in ways you’ve never even thought to tell the most colorful stories, where each listener can go on their own unique visual journey just by hearing the sounds we place for them.

From time to time we love to share some insight about what we’ve learned along that journey, making music and sound so effective not just in media, but communication as a whole.

Providing Insight into The Power of Sound

The power of podcasts

Wondering whether your brand should invest in a podcast? Here are some stats that will seriously convince you to take the plunge!

Monster Guard. Case study

How we created the award-winning Amazon Alexa Skill that has delivered the equivalent to 70 years of scare-free sleep

The power of audio branding

When it comes to generating brand recall and recognition, a sonic identity is your secret weapon! Here’s why…

Sound only! Can you name these scary movies just by ear?

Whether it’s a distant scream, ominously approaching footsteps or a creepy crescendo, some horror movies are INSTANTLY recognizable just by sound. How many of these can you correctly identify?

The scare factor! Why SOUND is the true trigger of horror movie terror

Planning on watching a horror movie this Halloween? We’ve got a tip for you! Try covering your EARS instead of your eyes when it all gets too frightening.

Audio Illusions. What do you hear?

Remember back in 2015 when a color debate over a certain dress almost broke the internet? Was it white and gold or black and blue?! Well, now we bring you the audio equivalent with these sound illusions.

Iconic brand sounds. How many can you correctly identify?

A sonic logo. An audio identity. Whatever you want to call it, if you ever needed proof of the power of audio branding, this is it! How many brands can you correctly identify?

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