A festive bundle of fun, interactive and engaging Christmas music and audio content all wrapped up inside a package called North Pole Plus!

The holidays are about fun, family, sharing and showing gratitude. North Pole Plus combines tradition and nostalgia with cutting edge interactivity to enhance a family’s overall Christmas experience. It gives parents tools to entertain and occupy their children throughout a busy month via daily digital appointments and award winning original content. At the heart of North Pole Plus is HO HO RADIO – a live, streaming radio station based at the North Pole, owned and operated by Santa’s elves! 

Available in North America, the UK and Australia.


Also available on your device.
Just tell Alexa, “Open North Pole Plus.”

What's Inside North Pole+ ?

Have a listen to what North Pole Plus is all about and check out each individual skill below.

Where's My Letter?

Find out the status of the letter you sent to Santa all the way through its journey, right up until it arrives in his hands. Tell Alexa: “Open Where’s My Letter.”

Ho Ho Radio

The elves have their own radio station at the North Pole! With permission from Santa, of course. Listen anytime by telling Alexa, “Open North Pole Plus.”

North Pole Live

Listen in to a live feed from a hidden microphone inside Santa’s workshop. Hear the elves working, Santa and more! Tell Alexa: “Open North Pole Live.”

Sleeps Till Santa

Countdown how many sleeps until Christmas morning with our catchy daily song – “How Many Sleeps Till Santa!” Coming soon on Amazon Alexa!

Remember The Reindeer

Santa and his elves made a fun memory game out of reindeers’ names at the North Pole. Just tell Alexa: “Open Remember The Reindeer” to play.

North Pole News

The latest news and weather forecast from the North Pole, available 24/7 on your smart speaker. Just tell Alexa: “Open North Pole News” to stay up to date.

News From The North Pole

“Alexa, open North Pole Plus.” Listen in on Santa’s workshop, track your letter to Santa and countdown to Christmas with a daily song – all via your smart speaker!

Award-winning audio production company ‘Reel2Media’ have today released their latest Amazon Alexa Skill ‘North Pole Plus’ designed to bring joy to girls and boys (and even…

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