Seattle, WA, April 23rd 2021

Reel2Media have today been recognized for their creative work in the world of Amazon Alexa Skills, receiving top honors at the Hermes Creative Awards – one of the oldest and largest creative competitions in the world.

Recognizing outstanding work among creative professionals across the fields of conceptualization, writing, design, and production of emerging media, each year The Hermes Awards receive thousands of entries from across the globe.

The winning Amazon Alexa Skills from Reel2Media, ‘Monster Guard’ and ‘Sing my Number’ received Platinum and Gold awards respectively and are both designed for families with young children. 

Monster Guard tackles teraphobia (aka fear of monsters!) offering parents a fun way to get anxious kids to sleep with its scan and guard functionality. 

Sing my Number creates a personalized song to help young children remember important phone numbers, and can serve up one of over a billion different permutations within seconds.

Talking about the double win, CEO Anthony Gay said: “Both Monster Guard and Sing my Number were launched just a few months ago, so to receive this level of recognition from such a prestigious competition at this early stage is a great honor. At Reel2Media we are committed to creating innovative and interactive audio experiences that add value. Using original music and character voices we push the boundaries of smart speaker skills to deliver a truly immersive, next level experience. Our Monster Guard skill in particular has generated huge interest since we launched it in February, with thousands of families already experiencing the benefits. We hope this award win might generate further discoverability of the skill among young families so they can discover the value for themselves.”