Parents, does your family know your phone number by heart?

Chances are, probably not! And as many times as you teach it to them, they always seem to forget it. These days, numbers are stored in cell phones, not in memory. But what if someone in your family needs to contact you and they don’t have their own phone? We’ve created a fun skill to help them remember and give you peace of mind.

‘Sing My Number’ turns those all important phone numbers into a catchy song – with custom lyrics matching any number sequence – that helps your family reach you without having your number saved in a phone.

Led by our lovable Yak character, you will be sure to never forget this number again!

Available in both the UK and North America.

Listen to how it works!

Sing My Number Includes

  • Fully customized song with the 10 or 11 digit number you give the skill
  • Catchy lyrics and melody to remember whatever phone number you need to remember
  • Our loveable Yak character narrates the skill to keep it fun and entertaining


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