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The family friendly way to share your day!

Parents, do you struggle for more than one-word answers when asking your family about their day? Do you need some help and stimulation to kick start the conversation? Then welcome to the world of Yak Talk Back! Using technology for good, the friendly Yak experience will help you get your family talking.

Entertaining and interactive, each Yak Talk Back! session is led by the loveable yak and consists of a short story and three questions, specifically designed to encourage families to express their feelings and share their day, all while enjoying some fun quality time together.

It’s good to talk. But it’s even better to Yak!

Available in both the UK and North America.

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It's good to talk but it's even better to Yak!

Let our lovable and laughable character join your family at dinner for interesting conversation and fun. He asks the questions, you provide the answers!

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